Cookie Policy

1. What is a Cookie Policy
By this Policy, our Company, President Hotel S.A., provides to the users / visitors of this website, information about the use of digital trackers (hereinafter Cookies) on this website. In particular, we inform you about the definition of Cookies, the category of Cookies we install, the type of data they collect, the purpose and the recipients to whom this data may be transferred.
Also, by this Policy we inform you about the way you have the ability to set or disable Cookies, depending on the type of Cookies.

2. What is a Cookie
Cookies are small (digital) text files that are sent from the web server to the browser of each user, in which they are stored when the user visits the website. Cookies are intended to send information to the server whenever the user performs specific functions on the website. Cookies act as the identity of the user of the website every time the user browses in it. The way the user is identified by the server is simple. The browser used by the user once the user has visited the site, sends the Cookie to the web server of the site. 
The information they send to the server covers a wide range of information, such as personal identification information (name, address, email, ip address or phone number). 
However, this information can only be stored if approved by the individual user except for the information stored by the Necessary Cookies, which are necessary for reasons of security and uninterrupted browsing of the website. 
This information is stored for a period of time depending on the duration of operation of the Cookie in the user's browser [persistent or non persistent (session) Cookies] unless the user deletes it from his browser.

3. What kind of Cookies we use
Our website uses Cookies technology. 
In particular, we use the following categories of Cookies:
    I. Necessary/Operational Cookies
Necessary Cookies are used to support the necessary functions of the website. Without the storage of the specific Cookies the website cannot operate safely and uninterruptedly with the result that the user does not enjoy the level of security and usability that he seeks. These cookies are stored in the user's browser without the ability of rejecting them for the reasons described above. The rejection of these cookies results in unsafe browsing and the absence of full usability of the website during the user's browsing, so the user cannot use all the features of the website safely. For this reason, they do not require your consent. 
In particular: 

    • authentication cookies
    • technical cookies required by certain IT systems
    II. Statistics Cookies
Statistics Collection Cookies help website owners understand how users interact with websites by collecting and submitting information on an anonymous basis in order to improve the website. These Cookies are placed by us or third parties on our behalf.
    III. Marketing Cookies
Marketing Cookies are designed to provide content that best suits you and your interests. They collect information about your preferences in order to show you relevant ads or listings of our company or partner companies. These Cookies are placed by us or third parties on our behalf and help us provide you with personalized and targeted information - messages and content in general - both during and after your visit to our website.
In the table below, you can get more information about the cookies we use, by category and provider and receive information about them.




Retention Time






24 hours

Collection of the local date and time of the user




24 hours

Collection of information about the user’s connection to the website




Collection of information for the correct display of the website to the user

Visitor preferences




24 hours

Collection of information such as sex, age and preferences




2 years

Collection of information for user identification



24 hours

Collection of information for user identification





3 months

Collects information for the purpose of displaying relevant ads

4. How do you accept the above use of Cookies
By entering the website, you are informed of a relevant information message about the use of Cookies by us, in which you are invited to select the categories of Cookies, which you wish to accept (except the category of Basic-Necessary Cookies). With the above option, you explicitly provide your consent to the use of this category of Cookies, kept in a relevant electronic file of your choices by us.

5. How to disable Cookies
The process of deleting or managing Cookies is simple and proportional to the browser that each user uses. More specifically, the process of deleting Cookies for the most popular browsers is described below:
    a) Google Chrome:
    b) Mozilla Firefox:
    c) Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer:
    d) Safari Web Browser:
    e) Opera Web Browser:

6. Your Rights according to GDPR
In any case, you have control over the processing of your personal data. Specifically, according to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation for the Data Protection of natural persons (EU 679/2016, article 13) and the Privacy Policy of our Company. 

7. Updates
This Cookie Policy may change any time and will always be updated on our website.
The Policy has always been considered valid, as formulated by the most recent amendment.
Last Update: October 2020

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